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Partner Dashboard
Partner Dashboard
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Access the Partner Dashboard by clicking the "Partner" link on the left side menu. If you don't see the option there, reach out to us so we can enable it for you.

The partner dashboard is all about making your client management experience easier. If you have a client that you want to setup in Supered (needed for them to access Cards, install packages into their HubSpot account), then you'll use the Partner Dashboard to set them up.

Create a New Account

Use this when you want to add a client to Supered, but they don't have a Supered account already. Simple click "Add Account" and then fill out the form with the account's information.

This will create a new account that you have access to. You can then "Access Account" to log into that Supered account.

The Supered UI will become orange when you are in the partner's account. This lets you know to be careful, because you're changing something that is client-facing.

You can setup cards, install packages, or invite users to the account while in this mode. This is all done from your main login, so you only need a single account to manage many client accounts.

Connect an Existing Account

Use "Confirmation Links" when you want to add a client to Supered, but they already have a Supered account.

Just create a new link and then send it to your client. They will be prompted to activate the connection. Once they do so, you'll be able to "Access Account" just like the previous section describes.

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