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How To (Partner): Install custom packages into HubSpot Accounts
How To (Partner): Install custom packages into HubSpot Accounts
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Are you a partner looking to install workflows, fields, dashboards, etc. into your client HubSpot accounts? We've got you covered. This guide will walk you through the actual installation process of a package.

Build Your Package

  1. "Create Package"

  2. Give it a name and describe it (you can update this later.)

  3. "Build Package"

  4. Select Cards to add a collection of cards to the package

    1. This is very useful to describe workflows, dashboards, custom fields, etc. to your clients.

  5. Select HubSpot Resources to add workflows, fields, dashboards, etc. into the package

    1. In HubSpot, select the account that has the resources you want

    2. Choose the resource type on the right side and then find the resource you're looking for

    3. Add it to the package and accept dependencies to make sure it works

Install Your Package

  1. Create a Managed Supered Account for your client

  2. "Assign Package" and select the package you want to install

  3. Click on the underlined package name to be taken to that client's account with the package open (the UI will be orange)

  4. Follow the button in the top right to install the package

  5. You will go through an install flow in HubSpot itself to add any HubSpot resources

We recommend installing a package using the above steps because it creates a history of exactly what was installed to your client HubSpot instances.

If you are testing the package internally to verify it's working correctly (a best practice!), then you can "Uninstall Package" and install the package again from the "Partner Packages" page. We don't recommend that you do this for client accounts because they won't have access to cards and there won't be a history of the installation.

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