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How to Remove Hubspot Resources from a Package
How to Remove Hubspot Resources from a Package

Remove old workflows, update campaign lists, remove unused properties, etc. from a Supered Package

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If you need to remove Hubspot resources or update Hubspot resources in a Supered Partner package, you must take the following steps.

  1. Open the package that contains the resources

  2. Click "Select Hubspot Resources"

  3. Supered will take you to the Hubspot accounts you manage. Click into any Hubspot account (does NOT need to be the one you chose the resource from.)

  4. Once you are in the account, open the Supered Base to view the Resources.

  5. Click "Remove" on the right hand side of the resource

  6. Go back to Supered & refresh the package.

  7. The resource will be moved to the bottom of the page and labeled "Removed from package."

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