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[Resolved] Temporary Fix: HubSpot Packages
[Resolved] Temporary Fix: HubSpot Packages
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Extension version 0.22.2 is now live. This version has the fix integrated into it. You do not need to use this fix going forward.

What Happened?

A HubSpot update caused our API authentication method to break. We have a fix for this already being deployed to Google. Unfortunately, the approval normally happens overnight but has not yet occurred.

This affects building and using packages.

Timeline to Fix

The fix is sitting with Google Chrome Extension Store right now. There is unfortunately no way to expedite the process.

Temporary Workaround

  1. Create a new bookmark

  2. For URL, enter the following snippet:

javascript:window.hubspot.require(['hubapi-prebuilt'], () => alert('You can use the package sidebar now.'))

3. When you are taken to HubSpot with the Supered sidebar open, click on the bookmark.

4. Within a second, you should see a message indicating it has loaded.

5. This fix will work until you refresh or navigate away from the page you're on. Just click it again when needed.

Give me a visual!

Here's a video if the above steps are confusing:

When will this not be needed?

Once your Chrome Extension (found at chrome://extensions) says 0.22.2, then you don't need this fix. If it says 0.22.1, you need the fix.

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