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Task Maestro by Supered
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The Maestro Series

Supered loves HubSpot admins. We love seeing them thrive, learn, and grow. So, we release free apps for HubSpot admins to use.

The Maestro Series is a collection of free apps that level up your HubSpot experience. Small problems, simply solved.

Introducing Task Maestro

Task Maestro is a HubSpot app that reassigns ownership of tasks. You can use this to create workflows like "when a contact owner changes, reassign all open tasks to the new owner."

How to Install Task Maestro?

Click the following link and select the account that you want to install to. You will be taken to the settings page once installed. You can then use the work flow action.

Workflow Action: Reassign Task Ownership

This task action reassigns tasks to a new owner. There are a few filters and options that you must fill out.

Previous Record Owner: When this field is filled out, ownership changes will only occur if the previous owner is one of the selected users. The "Any Owner" option makes it so the ownership change always occurs. The empty behavior is the same as "Any Owner."

New Owner Field: Select the field that contains the new owner ID. This will usually be "Record Owner", such as "Contact Owner."

Filter by Task Status: Choose the types of tasks that you want to reassign. We recommend everything that's not completed.

Example: The following example shows a standard setup for contact task owner reassignment.

Output Fields: The action emits the number of records updated, as well as the success state of the operation.

Workflow Enrollment Criteria

You can use any enrollment that you want. A standard option is "Property value changed" with the "Record Owner" field and "Record Owner is known."

You may want to re-enroll every time the trigger occurs.


Integration Settings

In your HubSpot settings, visit "Connected Apps" to find the Task Maestro settings.

We show you the connected account email address at the top of the settings. All requests are made using this account. Permissions and data visibility are identical to the displayed account.

"View Update Logs" shows you the records that Task Maestro has updated.


My record is not immediately updated. Why's that?

When a HubSpot record is enrolled into a workflow, there is a delay that occurs. It should be fairly minimal, up to a minute or two.

Which objects does Task Maestro work on?

Task Maestro action will appear on all objects. However, tasks will only be re-assigned if the object has task associations. So if you try to connect Task Maestro to "Quotes", for example, no tasks will be updated.

How many tasks can be updated at once?

We haven't hit a cap in our testing. We did 1250 tasks connected to a single record, and it got through them just fine (and in 8 seconds!) The amount of time this takes will vary based on the number of records being updated.

I don't see all of my record updates in the settings page

We limit the stored update history to 10,000 entries per account.

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