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Error Troubleshooting: Validation Error on Native Hubspot Property (Partner)
Error Troubleshooting: Validation Error on Native Hubspot Property (Partner)

You've received an error trying to import a native Hubspot property- what do you do?

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Supered uses the internal name of a property to import and match properties while installing packages.

If the internal name does not exist, Supered will create the new property with the internal name from the imported property

If the internal name DOES exist, Supered will check the property type for a match and see if additional data can be added (ex, property types are "Dropdown" and imported property has additional selections that can be added.)

If the internal name DOES exist and the property types do NOT match, Supered will error out.

This can happen with Hubspot native properties since some properties can be adjusted before use.

To reconcile this error, you can do one of two things.

  1. If your are deploying into a new instance, you can update the Hubspot property (if it has never been used) to match the incoming property type.

  2. Go back to the source of the property, clone it with a unique internal name and pull back into the package (you will need to clone workflows, list, etc. and update with new property.)

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